Diatomaceous Earth Rich Natural Whole Minerals And Nutrients From The Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a Food Grade mixture made of 85 percent non crystalline silicon dioxide (SiO2). This is a mineral form of Silica, that is the 3rd most present compound after Oxygen and Carbon in our bodies. In 1939, Dr. Adolf Butenant, a professor of chemistry, demonstrated that without the presence of silica in our lives, humans could not survive.

Diatomacious Earth Is Made Up Of Large Quantities Of Silica

Silica is a vital nutrient that was confirmed via research at Columbia College, to be important in food sources and for mineral absorption. Both iron and silica are important for important metabolic functions in the body. Research at Columbia College has shown that hormonal disruptions stemming from calcium and magnesium discrepancies can be corrected using the mineral silica for restoration of hormonal balance. Also, for absorption of other nutrients and minerals such as calcium, silica must be ingested in the human body in order for the calcium to be assimilated into the body for proper metabolic functions. Overall silica is needed for much of the human body, including your hair. Hair is 90 micrograms per gram made of silica. Silica supplements can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. It also gives hair a lustre and shine. Silica helps to create and maintain healthy gums, teeth, and nails. With silica supplementation, fragile nails noticeably become stronger in a short period of time. Organic silica supplementation also protects against radiation. It can help to normalize hemorrhoid tissue. It is great for skin, hair, and nails.

Diatomaceous earth is made of silica from the earth’s naturally occurring sedimentary minerals that were formed from the remains of once oceanic shells and algae. The ocean’s microscopic plants died and were compounded into the earth’s surface as fossil like remains. These lime carbonated organisms, emit silica. Food grade diatomaceous earth is able to extract the 85 percent amorphous silica for it’s amazing health benefits. Currently our soil does not have enough silica in it to support what we need. Most adults only get 1/3 of the silica they need to have vital skin, nails, and organs.

The Body Safe Diatomaceous Earth Also Known As Food Grade DE

food grade diatomaceous earthFood grade diatomaceous earth is collected and packaged in order to give you that missing 2/3’s of silica supplementation that you need to feel vital. This food grade version, mixes silica, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and 15 other trace minerals including boron, manganese, titanium, copper, and zirconium.

This product is filled with great natural whole minerals and nutrients. The result is shiny hair, healthy skin, strong nails, and detoxification of our internal organs. The detoxification program using diatomaceous earth can kill parasites, viruses, and worms, cleanse the body for heavy metal detoxification, flush out the digestive tract, increase mineral absorption and utilization, and stimulate collagen for the elements of bringing out internal radiance and beauty.

In a nutrient depleted society, with nutrient depleted fruits, vegetables, and other foods, a great thing you can do for yourself is to ensure that you are getting all the right nutrients and minerals from whole foods natural sources. Diatomaceous earth is naturally sourced and nutrient depleted bodies can benefit from supplementation.

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